Monday, October 02, 2006

Alternate Realities, Karma and Reincarnation - KR theory

I was watching the movie 'The Triangle' last weekend. The movie talks about alternate realities, i.e. alternate dimensions and how the same person can exist in 2 different realities.

This is why I find it tough to accept the alternative realities theory.

Ever wondered why some people are rich and some poor!
Ever wondered why some people have abundant of food to eat and some are starving!
Ever wondered why some people are happy and some not!

Well...if you consider the life of a person as a linear event, as many religions do, from the birth of a person till the death of that person, you will never be able to understand why each and every person is different in almost all ways from others. It just doesn't make any sense.

But, if you apply reincarnation and Karma, the life of a person, becomes cyclic. The life of a person, becomes the life of a consciousness. The consciousness takes a new body after the old one dies. And the quality of the new life depends on past life karma. If you do good things you will get better things. If you do bad things you will get bad things. This Karma and reincarnation, lets assume its just a theory and not something which has been observed, makes lot of sense and almost immediately answers most of the questions like why one person is rich and the other poor etc.

But the Karma and Reincarnation theory, let's call it as KR theory, directly contradicts with the alternative realities theory. I do not see how both can be true.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Our ancestors?

"There is a small bottle containing a red fluid on a shelf in Sheffield University's microbiology laboratory. The liquid looks cloudy and uninteresting. Yet, if one group of scientists is correct, the phial contains the first samples of extraterrestrial life isolated by researchers."

Guardian - March 5, 2006

Home Page of Dr. Godfrey Louis

Monday, April 25, 2005

Origin of Life - Macros and Micros - My theory

I have been thinking about this for sometime now. I think it is right time to put my idea to the world.

Have you ever wondered about the symmetries in nature?
Good Bad, Day Night, Light Dark, Heaven Hell, Life Death.

In my previous blog I also pointed the symmetries in the scale.

At the micro level we have atoms with the nucleus in the center and electrons revolving around the nucleus in orbit.
At the macro level we have solar systems with the sun in the center and planets revolving around the sun in orbit.


The priceless question: The Origin of Life

Where did all this begin?
Who are we? Where are we? Why are we here?

More and more scientists are starting to believe that life on Earth was seeded from space, billions of years ago. Article

Theory holds that Earth was harsh, dry and barren after its formation roughly 4.5 billion years ago. Comets may have brought water that filled the oceans. And in recent years, a growing number of scientists have warmed to an idea generated in the 1960s that comets and asteroids delivered other ingredients needed to jumpstart life. Catastrophic impacts could have supplied amino acids and other organic compounds used in biology.

Many of the necessary ingredients for life's recipe have been found to exist in comets and asteroids by studying them from afar. Harder evidence has come from space rocks that fell to Earth.

Of course the church disagrees as it comes as a direct contradiction to the teachings that God created life, including humans, on planet Earth. And man did not evolve from lower form of life.

Hindu scriptures do support modern theory of evolution. Scriptures say that we were born as insects and other lower form of species and by karma and reincarnation we evolve to a higher form of life and finally end as human beings.

But I haven’t read anywhere in the few Hindu scriptures that I have read where it is mentioned that life on earth was seeded by, just say, an asteroid, or comet or meteorite.

So is it possible? Could it have happened? What is the truth?

Could life have formed by an asteroid impact on earth? An asteroid carrying the potential to create life forms on earth.

Enough of macro.
Let’s move on to micro.

How is life formed?

We all know that life is formed when a sperm fertilizes an egg.
Among the millions of sperms only few hundred manage to reach the egg. Of the few hundred sperm which reach the egg, only one will successfully fertilize it. The fertilized egg then gives a new life. A Human being.

By now you must be knowing where Iam going!

Among the millions of sperms only few hundred manage to reach the egg.
Among the millions of asteroids, meteorites, comets only few hundred manage to reach the earth.

Of the few hundred sperm which reach the egg, only one will successfully fertilize it.
Of the few hundred asteroids, meteorites, comets which reach the earth, few may have successfully fertilized (seeded) the earth.

The fertilized egg then gives a new life. A Human being.
The seeded earth then gives a new species of life. Maybe a single celled organism, may be a fish, may be humans.

Do you see the parallel?

Hey what’s going on here :)

Were different asteroids, meteorites, comets responsible for different species and different races that we have on earth?

If life on Earth was seeded from space billions of years ago, who seeded life on space?

A meteor, from space, impact on earth.

A sperm, from man, impact on egg.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Is macro the micro ?

When I was in school I thought about the following which I thought was incredible. (Don’t ask me what my friends thought about me when I shared this with them). Imagine, at the micro level, an atom consisting of a nucleus and electrons rotating around it in an orbit. At the macro level, a solar system consisting of a sun and planets rotating around it in an orbit. Go further up, imagine a galaxy, say a spiral galaxy, where all the suns and stars and solar systems rotating around the galactic center. Maybe some day in future we might find that all the galaxies rotate around, just say, Universal Center. I was just wondering, if this whole universe was a big Personality (may be the Supreme God), and our solar system was just an atom of a cell in His body.